USA - Schüleraustausch im März 2018

It was March 9th and waiting was finally over for us 10 students (Lara, Felix, Luzie, Frida, Lina, Miriam, Boban, Laura, Stefan, Peter) and two teachers (Mrs.Snooke and Mr. Ehrenmann). We had a warm welcome because our host families were waiting for us with posters.We spent the weekend with our host families and did great things like going to the beach, a mall, the Botanical Garden, … At Monday, we had our first school day – the first chance to explore and experience American high school life in our partner school Tallwood High School.

We always had a few lessons every day shadowing our host students, gave our presentations and had many different subjects like Government, World History, Algebra, German, Spanish…

In the afternoons and evenings we always did different things like going to a mall, bowling, eating in a fast-food restaurant,…

During the two weeks we visited many different places in the area around Virginia Beach, e.g. the Virginia Air and Space Museum, Fort Monroe, the famous Neptune Statue, Cape Henry Lighthouse, Jamestown and the American Revolution Museum.

On Friday, there was the trip to Washington D.C. which was our highlight.

We visited the White House, the Capitol and some of the famous memorials (Lincoln and Martin Luther King Memorial), which was totally amazing.

On Thursday, our originally last day, we went to the airport, still not ready to leave - but we got the news that we wouldn’t fly out till Saturday evening due to mechanical problems with our aircraft, which was great because we got more time to spend with our host students and families!

To conclude, we can definitely say that all of us had a wonderful and amazing time and that it was a unique experience. We’re sure everybody wants to go back as soon as they can to see all the people again!