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USA exchange 2018

On October 9th 2018, 10 American students arrived at the airport in Stuttgart. We were super excited to finally meet them and were looking forward to having a great time. Even though they all were jetlagged, we spent a wonderful first day together. Luckily, our group instantly bonded very well and it felt as if we had known each other forever. Our highlights during the exchange definitely were the playground, the trips to Munich and Heidelberg and of course, the visit of the chocolate factory “Ritter Sport”.

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USA - Schüleraustausch im März 2018

It was March 9th and waiting was finally over for us 10 students (Lara, Felix, Luzie, Frida, Lina, Miriam, Boban, Laura, Stefan, Peter) and two teachers (Mrs.Snooke and Mr. Ehrenmann). We had a warm welcome because our host families were waiting for us with posters.We spent the weekend with our host families and did great things like going to the beach, a mall, the Botanical Garden, … At Monday, we had our first school day – the first chance to explore and experience American high school life in our partner school Tallwood High School.

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Schüleraustausch mit USA

Aus dem Staufer- Kurier, Ausgabe vom 20.10.2016